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JOIN A GREAT CAUSE - Our future depends on today!

From all the little changes we make today we would be creating a better future for the coming generations. Ecopence is your new engine of ideas and drive which will help you make these changes always putting our environment first in every process. Step by step we will be giving you solutions and ideas which help reduce waste, pollution and increase energy efficiency. Our launch campaign will be mainly focusing on reducing single use plastics, packaging and disposable bags while shopping. We are backing our campaign with some durable and Earth friendly merchandise items to help you with these steps. Our items will help you reduce a lot of single use plastic and packing waste when doing your shopping. Choose your items or get our full pack to join our drive, its a small investment which will create a big change in your life reducing your carbon footprint. Through this we will also create a new trend where shops will be oblidged to award users who choose to use our methods while shopping.




Organic Cotton Tote Shopping Bags
Organic Cotton Tote shopping bags (35 x 40cm or 40 x 40cm) ideal to carry all kinds of shopping
€7 each add to cart
Organic Cotton Reusable Bags
Pack of 5 Organic Cotton reusable mesh bags (25 x 30cm) ideal for vegetables, fruits and herbs
 €11 per pack add to cart
Pack of 4 Ziplock Washable Silicone Bags (2 x 500ml & 2 x 1ltr) ideal for hams, cheeses and fresh deli items
€17 per pack add to cart
Stainless Steel Containers
Set of 2 Stainless Steel containers with spill proof plastic lids (850ml & 1800ml) ideal for meats, fish 
and all dry foods including pasta, grains, seeds, cereals, dry fruit or anything else you can get by weight
€25 per set add to cart
No Junk Mail
SPECIAL OFFER INCLUDING ALL ABOVE - Our Full Merchandise pack includes an Organic Cotton Tote
shopping bag, a set of 5 Organic Cotton Reusable mesh bags, a set of 2 Stainless Steel containers and a set of
4 reusable Zip Lock Washable Silicone Bags. With this package we will also throw in our No Junk Mail sticker
to stick to your letter box, help us stop all this useless waste. Also comes with FREE shipping!
€50 per pack add to cart


By purchasing our merchandise you are immediately showing your commitment to our cause and on the way to making huge steps reducing a lot of waste in the process. Thanks a lot for your help and welcome to a fantastic journey!

Besides giving you the access to our innovative shopping methods you will also be able to register as a user with Ecopence gaining lots of opportunities and rewards through shopping with our Earth Friendly Partner Merchants.


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